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1st Guarantee your calls to be powerful for both you and your clients following the “7 Steps to a Powerful Coaching Call".
This sequence not only allows you to assist you and your client though a meaningful and fulfilling session but will also establish value of you as a coach and your coaching. The format will help you as a coach guarantee the call is connected to your clients outcomes as well as create progress.

2nd The 5-star Formula will help you insure your client will have a powerful recipe to tap into their desired empowering emotions. It can also be used to discover and deconstruct emotions that are stopping your client and preventing them from moving forward towards what they want.

3rd The "Psychle" of Performance. The circle of stages we move through every time we begin anything. Equipped with the ways we stop ourselves midstream and what to move towards to make real progress.

4th Personality Profile. Discover your strengths and limitations.

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