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Meet Cynthia:

Cynthia Freeman is a coaching pioneer.

A master certified coach and veteran of over 25 years of coaching experience, she has worked with over 2,400 clients including AT&T, MTV, Cisco, House of Blues, Dutch Bro’s Coffee, Disney, and thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs.

A sought after seminar speaker, she has presented in front of audiences as large as 17,000 and shared the stage with such speakers as Larry King, Tony Robbins, Tom Hopkins, Og Mandino, Florence Littauer, and Emily Barnes.

Cynthia has accomplished all of this while maintaining a family-friendly lifestyle. Even when closing over 200 real estate deals a year with 6 full-time assistants, she never worked weekends, took 10 weeks off per year, and fully participated in the lives and educations of her 2 children. People started asking Cynthia to coach them to grow their income while not sacrificing their lives or families.

She is one of the few who can say that they have exceeded the ½ of 1% in TWO careers. 2,400+ clients later, she still has a passion for helping business owners and entrepreneurs to make more money while taking more time off to live more vibrant lives.