Loving Plan B

December 14, 2020
December 14, 2020 Daryl McMullen

I had plans, Big Plans! Reserved a year in advance, flights were booked with Business Class on every leg. I had reserved Seat 1A! Fly LAX to Barcelona and stops included Monte Carlo, Venice, Istanbul, Rhodes, Santorini and finally Athens. Another trip to New York City to see the opening of the Fashion exhibit the first Tuesday of May and tickets to La Boheme at the Met and orchestra seats for Hamilton.

The world had another idea – isolation, lockdown – the likes of which haven’t been seen in 100 years!

I’m curious? Did you keep trying to make Plan A happen or were you one of the smart ones that pivoted.

I admit, at first, I reacted. I was in denial and thought…this will be a couple of weeks (I know, in retrospect that sound ridiculous). Then I got angry at all my plans vanishing. I resented being told what I could and couldn’t do. I actually became worried as the statistics came out that I ticked all the boxes of one that would succumb to this horrific virus.

And then – STOP!! I don’t get sick. My immune system is strong. I am not a statistic. I refocused…I looked at what was great about this and what I COULD do. What were all the things I hadn’t been able to do since I was always globetrotting around this world?

Since I had already pulled the trigger on my huge construction project and had no floors or kitchen I initially hibernated with lifelong friends. I will be eternally grateful for their generous hospitality and friendship. What was an added bonus was seeing how a couple who has been married 35 years does it on a daily basis…(tips to share another time) so beautiful.

I was able to go hiking on trails I hadn’t taken the time to explore before.

The wild blackberries that grow on my back slope flourished and I baked my first berry pies using my grandma’s recipe (She has to be smiling).

I finally sat to revamp my website that had sat collecting dust and was completely outdated. My blog got a boost with a new look and here we are!

I got to go to see Yellowstone Natl. Park, Jackson Hole and the beautiful Snake River on an impromptu trip. Thank goodness Ulysses Grant had the foresight to save it for us to see!!

In the end as all my women’s groups adopted Zoom – as many businesses had been doing for years. I was able to deliver my Dynamic Life keynote that had been cancelled at the middle of March.

Athens is still on the list, but it has waited for me 3000+ years I’m sure it can wait a little longer.

What CAN you do? What is possible if you shift your focus?  When you respond and pivot instead of staying locked into Plan A, you can make a pretty fantastic Plan B.

Here’s to what’s possible and YOU having a Dynamic Life!

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