Motivation Is Found In Your WHY

December 28, 2020
December 28, 2020 Daryl McMullen

We talked about focusing on your Outcome, having a specific Target. But let’s face it – life happens, we take our eyes off the target, one thing leads to another, we get distracted and BUSY!

It is critical to stay on track if you want to make things happen in your life especially BIG things which give you that Dynamic Life.

I can’t count how many times clients have arrived at their session and announced, “Ughh! I just can’t get motivated!” Or, “I need you to motivate me so I get something done.”

Simon Sinek, in his best sellers START WITH WHY and FIND YOUR WHY, drills down explaining how critical your why is and helps one discover the why that will send chills down your spine and give you that knot in your stomach compelling you to move forward regardless of your excuses.

I have a simple version in my OMG Target Planning system. The M standing for MOTIVES (or motivation). I have discovered there are 4 categories of questions to help my clients find their burning  ‘Why’. Make note, there are “categories,” meaning you could have a dozen other questions in each category. Here they are:

  1. Why is your outcome or Target a MUST? Another way to ask the same question might be: Why is this Outcome IMPORTANT? Or, why are you compelled or driven to achieve the Target?
  2. What will this Outcome GIVE you? What’s the upside when you achieve it ? What opportunities will open for you because you hit this target?
  3. What will it COST you if you don’t achieve this Outcome? What is the downside if you don’t complete the Objective? What opportunities are closed to you if you don’t accomplish this Target?
  4. How will you FEEL when you make this Outcome happen? What will it MEAN to you? What will it mean to your business? Or to your family? Or to your business? Or your life?

If you really dive in and get real with these questions (and others you may adopt) in each of the categories you will find one or two that “get” you. You will have a visceral reaction, chills in the pit of your stomach. Those will be the ones that make you get up early and stay up late. This is your “Why” – your motive or motivation that will drive you even when things are going haywire to make that outcome happen.

Living a Dynamic Life means being motivated to have your Life be Dynamic! Find that “Why”that compels you to all you dream to have come true.

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