Watch For the Big Rocks!

December 21, 2020
December 21, 2020 Daryl McMullen

Think right now…what takes all of your time? Is it the sand ? The pebbles? Or the Big rocks?

If you’re like most….you get sand in your shoes and maybe a pebble or two and whew…completely derailed and distracted….that sand is annoying and the pebbles? Well…honestly they stop us in our tracks!

Here’s the truth!

This is what most of us are doing…we are running around crazy busy doing all the little things. Like checking off the things on out “list”! We forget why we are doing all those things on the list and totally forget what the heck the objective of the list was in the first place? So, what do we do? We do all those little things that are easiest to tick the box on.

I am sure you have heard the story of the “Big Rocks”…but in case you haven’t, let me remind you. You have water, sand, pebbles, big rocks, and a jar. The water is all the social media, texts, emails and distractions that just take your time. The sand might be all the incidental things that are interesting and would be great to do if you had an extra moment or two. The pebbles are the things that need to happen but don’t necessarily make you all excited; things like paying bills, balancing check books, doing your marketing, or laundry, grocery shopping. The Big Rocks, these are you major objectives, the big things in life that make you excited and wanting to live fully: your children, your relationship, your health, your business, your mission in life, or maybe a hobby like gardening, cooking, travel??

I use OMG to remind me.

Outcomes and Objectives come first! They are the Big Rocks! We’ll talk about the M and the G in upcoming blogs.

Right now ….what are your three Biggest Rocks? Put those in your jar first. Schedule them if you have to! I can’t wait to hear how you have more time because your jar is not crammed full but had mostly Big Rocks.

Live a Dynamic Life filled with a life of Big Rocks…not sand and pebbles.

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