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January 18, 2021
January 18, 2021 Daryl McMullen

Lock Down! Stay at Home! Stay Safe! 6 Feet Apart! Everyone likes to be safe. Human DNA is wired to have certainty…and we are also wired for uncertainty.

Perhaps it’s time to take a peak at life and take a risk, Take a chance on YOU!

Before you stop reading, let’s look at what risk might mean. Risk doesn’t have to be jumping out of planes, walking on fire, breaking boards or jumping off a 50’ pole. Risk can look like stepping into something unfamiliar and fresh. It can be trying something new.

Apply the word ‘pivot’, ‘virtual’ and ‘adventure’…and all sorts of things are possible.

This has been a time to figure out how to be together even if we were apart…bedtime stories read on FaceTime.

Two friends of mine, when restricted in their ability to travel, living on two opposite ends of Italy, wrote a book together called Living the Dream. It became an Amazon Bestseller. Ladies in the community, wanting mental stimulation, joined the University Women’s Association for virtual learnings and a book club. My Alumnae group did monthly ‘trivia night’ virtual gatherings. My colleagues (each of us from a different time zone and country) did a complete course together.

I explored my intuition in a fascinating course. I learned we all have it and it really benefits us to pay attention to it!

My wild blackberries (identical to the ones in my grandma’s backyard) grew prolifically this last year. For the first time in my life, I pulled out my grandma’s recipe and made berry pie! Big success and rave reviews from my kids and grandkids! Of course, I followed that up with baking rose apple tartlets!

During my morning walks I have tackled book after book. I have “read” more in the last few months than I have read in the last 5 years! It’s exciting…(Watch for some of my top recommendations and reports here!)

I even reignited my Dynamic Life Blog!

What have you explored? Where have you thought to venture…but maybe haven’t felt you could? How did you pivot? And what have you resisted? A “Dynamic” life is a changing life. It is about shifting, adapting and moving in the direction you need to go to live your best life!

Are you curious about a language? Or a cooking class? Or A wine pairing/tasting? Is it time to get back on a horse and ride again? Or what about the golf clubs that have collected dust for the last decades? Or the song in your heart you haven’t yet written? Or the book that is ready to be written?

Maybe this is you moment to take a chance on you! Having a Dynamic Life is all about facing change, embracing it and jumping in…all in.

Remember, I’m here on the sidelines cheering you on, and watching to see you in YOUR Dynamic Life.

If you want to chat about what’s next…book a call with me. I am eager to hear your story!



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