There Are No Points For Being Busy

January 4, 2021
January 4, 2021 Daryl McMullen

I love when my clients have success. I love when they show up sharing their wins and their latest accomplishments, hitting those targets!

I also marvel when they go through all their stories of distractions and excuses as to how “busy” they were and how they never got to the actions that would move the needle toward their outcomes. Instead, their jar was filled with “water and sand” (see the “Big Rocks” blog post). People stack dozens of things on top of each other – as if the more they do the more points they will score. It’s as if we’re competing to see who can be the most busy!

I remind my clients every time they use the word busy to ask, “Did that take you towards or away from your target?”

Truth?….there are no points for being busy.

When you have a clear outcome and a strong motive to attain it, it is imperative that you focus on the best and biggest action that will take you the farthest towards the target.

Employ Pareto’s Principle: The 80/20 Rule

Take a look at your list of possible actions. Do the 20% items first…and you are 80% on the way to your outcome!

People forget the object isn’t the list. It is the Target or outcome not ticking boxes on the list.

When you take action on the OMG System, in your business, your health, your relationships, your finances, or hobbies – it works like magic to help you make progress in these areas of your life.

Because your day is now filled up only with your key 20% items – you have space in your schedule…margins, as you will soon notice.

So the next time you start to say, “I’m so busy!” Catch yourself…and decide to be about the “business” of your life – your fabulous Dynamic Life.

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