We Need Clarity!

January 28, 2021
January 28, 2021 Daryl McMullen

On a clear day you can see everything. All those buildings that are a blur come into clear focus. The mountains you know are there but are hidden by the haze of the city are completely defined with every peak, ridge and valley standing out. You get a clean perspective.

This is so critical to make great decisions. You know the decisions you are thrilled with and never regret? You need details to meet every opportunity with the best resources and information.

A mentor of mine, Keith Cunningham, says a higher degree of clarity comes when you stop and think, Sounds logical. But really when was the last time you sat down to “Think”? He professes something he calls ”Think Time.” This is a time scheduled where you sit, no devices in sight, no distractions to sidetrack you, with paper and pen in hand and think. You ask a question and ponder every angle or perspective to it. You consider every possibility, the upside, the downside, the cost and the benefits before you even consider a decision.

I wonder when I think about some of the bonehead decisions I have made, when I reacted quickly to a circumstance instead of stopping to Think, What a different result may have ensued.
What shows up when you have clarity and details and perspective.

Today….let’s schedule in some “Thinking Time” and get clear…and make brilliant decisions. Keep a journal of questions you might ponder “when you have time.” Pull out your favorite pen, you know, the one you love the way the ink goes on the paper. Find a spot where you just love to sit. Now Stop, and Think. Get clear make the decisions that will give you what you truly desire.

This is another way to have a Dynamic Life!

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