Write Your Next Chapter

February 18, 2021
February 18, 2021 Daryl McMullen

If we take time to reflect back over our life. We all have several chapters. Some of them are exciting, some of them not so much and others you just soldiered through to get to the other side.

As I reflected over my past I had to admit the chapters I loved the most were the ones that I really thought about and planned for many of the events that were the milestones.

I can also say that the chapters I unconsciously survived had nothing to do with any plan, and I was buffeted from one thing to another.

I’ve had chapters of getting degrees and establishing careers. I’ve had chapters of various interests from motorcycles, to golf, to horses and marathons. I have had chapters of teaching and training and coaching and writing. I have had decades of raising children, marriages and now the joy of grand parenting.

What are the chapters you have had? Were they seasons you loved or were they really there for learning?

What chapter are you in the midst of now? We all got thrust into a new chapter a year ago…

Some of us have thrived and others survived.

After being a 4th generation Californian I am purposefully contemplating making a move thousands of miles away. I am consciously mapping out my next decade to make new friends, be involved in a new community, and to be open to new horizons. I’ll be sharing my contemplations in upcoming posts.

What would you choose for your your next chapter. Do you have a big trip you want to prepare for? What if you learned a new language?

Is there a book that is dying to get out of you…Perhaps it’s time to sit and write it out?

Is it a song that you have that needs to be sung? Share it with the world.

Is there another place that you are curious about living…maybe it’s time to explore that?

What if you planned deliberately for what you desire in your next chapter…

What do you want the next decade to look like?

Let’s make that happen. And as always have a beautiful Dynamic Life!

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