7 Principles for a Dynamic Life: Refocusing (Key 4)

April 22, 2021 Daryl McMullen

As you Rejoice, our 3rd Key, you will find yourself Refocusing. You change your perspective.

Look back at any of your circumstances – Move into a new view of it. With a grateful, laughing, joyful perspective it looks different, doesn’t it? You feel differently about it.

Imagine if it wasn’t you  if it was you watching someone else going through it…what would you find amusing or even funny?

Shift your perspective. Look from a new angle…just smirk, laugh or crack up.

When you were told to isolate, wear a mask, and stores and restaurants closed, what emotion took hold? Where did you focus? Were you in fear? Were you focused on what wasn’t? or what you couldn’t have and do?

Or did you focus on an opportunity?

When you refocus it will change the trajectory of things to come and you will experience a Dynamic Life. A simple way to refocus is to ask better questions. Instead of, “Why me?” Or, Why this?” Ask, “How can I use this? What could I do? What is great about this?”

Remember life is happening for you, not to you.

What could you find amusing right now? You have to admit…walking into a bank with a mask on and asking for money is pretty comical!

And one thing that has been great during the last year is the light traffic on the 405! I could actually get to destinations at any time of day like it was 1975!!! Instead of 2021 where it takes 3X the time.

Ask What is great about this, or at least what COULD be great about this?

Refocusing, asking powerful questions and laughing at the lighter side of life is definitely a key to having a Dynamic Life.

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