7 Principles for a Dynamic Life: Relating (Key 1)

April 1, 2021 Daryl McMullen

Relatedness is always critical. But in these times building and maintaining relations is particularly important.

Social psychology talks about relationships having 7 year cycles. (Yep! There IS something to the “7 year itch”). Families move on average of every 7 years. Think of your friendships. They shift–or drift every 7 years. Sometimes it’s a move, sometimes it’s a loss in similar interests, sometimes it’s just a loss of connection. In the book “Lost Connections,” researchers share that depression is largely caused by the loss of connections with family, friends or work colleagues.

I moved back the Palos Verdes, CA area after 28 years (a multiple of 7) and renewed many of my old friendships I had lost connection with. I reconnected with sorority alums, and neighbors as well as making new friendships and expanding my circle.

Think for a moment, who have you lost connection with? Who could you reconnect with? Who could you expand your circle to include? How could you build your relations? There are so many ideas to build relations, in fact now is your opportunity to make what was old, new!

Who could you write a note to? (Think about your mailbox…what do you pay attention to first??)

Make a Sunday Night phone call. Remember those?

I have spent magical time building relationships with my grandchildren by reading bed time stories over FaceTime.

I joined two of my friends (all of us in different time zones) to do a course together.

Two friends of mine, each on opposite ends of Italy, collaborated to write a book together. They published it, and it  became an Amazon best seller! That really deepened their friendship.

I isolated with good friends of mine the first many weeks of “stay at home.” We had their daughter and son in law join us, and formed a bubble to have company, friends to do things with and to share in responsibilities. A way better way to survive isolation!!

What do you have an interest in? Cooking? Books? Gardening? Writing? An Instrument?

Do it together! Build your relations. Old ones, new ones, family and friends!

Relations is definitely a key to having a Dynamic Life! Let me hear about your ideas: cynthia@cynthiafreeman.com

In the meantime wishing you a Marvelous, Dynamic Life!


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