7 Principles for a Dynamic Life: Releasing & Rejoicing (Key 3)

April 15, 2021 Daryl McMullen

We have talked about Relating and Responding…but today we’re going to talk about the 3rd Key which is Releasing & Rejoicing.

Think of all the energy it takes to hold on to upset. When we feel wronged. Every cell of our body is engaged in it. Remember from last week… “reaction?” This is it in full play.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been wronged. Whether it was our parents, siblings, friends, partners, spouses, bosses, teachers or colleagues…they have all disappointed us or let us down, broken promises or something at some time.

All I have to do is drive down the 405 freeway in Los Angeles!!!

And then of course there may be the wrong you’ve been responsible for?

What would happen if we chose to use an emotion that is uplifting and you responded differently? What if you were to Release the hold the wrong has on you? Remember, you are in control of your thoughts and emotions. When you rerun a situation in your mind, release the wrong and respond differently, with an emotion that is empowering…the hold shifts, and you feel like you are in charge.

This free’s you to make new connections. It increases your mental and emotional capacity.

It may not be a person…it could be an action, or circumstance…it could be an economic or business change…or a global pandemic!!

I could bore you will all my sad, sorry stories rehearsing them all over again. Wallowing in my little pity party…but that just rehearses what I don’t want!

Detach…let go…RELEASE!

What was your powerful emotion from Key #2? Use it. Release it and replace it with a Response of rejoicing. Put more joy into your response…test it…see what shifts! Everything. I suspect.

The remedy for circumstances we aren’t thrilled with is joy and laughter and gratitude. We know that ‘laughter is a medicine.’ Shift to joy and gratitude, and it will help you Release any thought or emotion that has a hold on you. And it will definitely give you a Dynamic Life!

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