7 Principles for a Dynamic Life: Responding (Key 2)

April 8, 2021 Daryl McMullen

Last week we spoke of the 1st Key: “Relating.”

This week we will focus on the 2nd Key to having a Dynamic Life: “Responding.”

Do you respond, or react? We only have 2 things in our control: Our thoughts, and our emotions.

For every emotion we experience we actually have a recipe for “doing” that emotion. To simplify it, each emotion has 3 components: physiology, focus and self talk. Just experiment with me for a moment…

Let’s do “Depression.” I’ll bet your muscles went lax, your head dropped down your shoulders shrugged down and forward. Now, do “Excited” The head goes up, eyes look up, smiles…everything is upward…

How does this happen?  How do we all do the same thing without notes? There’s a recipe.

When you change your emotion, you change your experience.

Choose to RESPOND to your life in an emotion that gives you what you want. When we REACT, we are buffeted by life’s experiences. Think right now, what emotion would serve you well? Calm? Confident? Bold? Courage? Happy? Joyful?

Now think about your past week. What emotion dominated your life? Let’s be honest, around March 15, 2020 we were all confronted with a circumstance not of our choosing. Did you respond or react?

Initially, I reacted…then I realized it was an opportunity. I used it to work with my clients to choose their best emotional state to respond to what was next. Because when we react we are using an emotion that is taking us to what we don’t want.

What do you want? Are you in an emotion that is driving you that direction? Let’s choose to be in that emotional state that gives us more of our Dynamic Life.

Let’s be bold and courageous and full of joy…and let’s choose to have an even more Dynamic Life!

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