7 Principles for a Dynamic Life: Roadmap for Results (Key 5)

April 29, 2021 Daryl McMullen

We spoke last time about Refocusing…and now we are getting specific! Instead of living by accident and getting what life gives you PLAN to have a Dynamic Life.

Plan for success, plan for fun, plan for experiences, plan for you!

I use my OMG System because it’s not my goal to “BE BUSY.” My outcome is to have a Dynamic Life. I tell my clients…there are NO POINTS for “BUSY.”

You know, what you focus on is what you find…

And what if it finds you!

I focus on what I want. I focus on the Outcome.

OMG stands for:

  1. Outcome
  2. Motive
  3. Greatest Action

Make sure your Outcomes are clear, specific and measurable. That your Motives  are compelling. They need to motivate and drive you to your Outcome or Target. You Greatest Action is the one or two actions that will make the most progress towards your Outcomes.

Remember the object is the Outcome! NOT the List…

That will only make you BUSY!!!…and there are NO POINTS for busy!

By using my OMG System you have experiences you want and create memories you have designed.

Because you are constantly making progress in every part of your life, on every Outcome, you feel fulfilled and alive. And because you’re not BUSY, you have margins – space in your life to Relate, Respond and Rejoice.

Focusing on the Outcome will keep you out of the weeds. Having a Roadmap for Results will give you  a Dynamic Life

I can’t wait to hear about all the exciting memories you are making!