7 Principles for a Dynamic Life: Take Risks (Key 7)

May 12, 2021 Daryl McMullen

Lewis Carroll said, “In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.” Take a chance on others, on life, on YOU!

What have you always thought of doing? What’s a place you’d like to explore? Or what’s an activity you have wanted to try? What is something you have wanted to learn, or an experience you’ve thought you would like to have? Take a chance and give it a whirl!

I remember when I moved to Newport Beach decades ago. I wanted to meet people. I also thought I would like to learn (again) how to play guitar. I signed up for lessons (never mind my guitar…) I met a wonderful lady 30 years my senior learning guitar! Starting something new!

A few years ago, because I had always wondered about it, I took up songwriting.

During this past crazy year I picked bushels of wild blackberries in my yard, pulled out my grandma’s recipes and baked my very first berry pies…with pretty good reviews!!

What is it for you? It’s not too late to live fully!

Abraham Lincoln said, “ It’s not the years in your life it’s the life in your years that matters in the end.”

As a trainer for Tony Robbins, I have spent nearly 3 decades doing crazy things and taking risks. I’ve walked on fire, climbed 50 ft poles and jumping off the top, broken through boards and jumped out of planes….but that’s not what I mean when I invite you to take risks. You don’t have to beat the cream so hard it turns to butter…you just want to venture into trying a new flavor! You don’t need to eat an entire elephant!

Do remember, “Your tombstone will have two dates on it, and all that matters is the dash in between.” – Linda Ellis

Who could you inspire to be more, if you lived fully and RESPONDED to life in a way that honors who you are?

What friendships could you RENEW or who haven’t you met yet?

What would be possible if you RELEASED a wrong and REJOICED and laughed more?

Where could you go with a ROADMAP for RESULTS that gave you margins in life?

How would you feel REFLECTING and RECREATING your spirit?

What might happen if you took a RISK, even a little one?

After all, “Life is not a journey to the Grave with the intention to arrive safely in a well preserved body. But rather, to slide broadside, thoroughly used up totally worn out and loudly proclaim ‘Wow, What a ride!’” – Hunter Thompsony wish for you is that you will have a spectacular ride and that your Dynamic Life inspires those around you to enjoy theirs as well!