A Dynamic Life = A Changing Life

July 19, 2021 Daryl McMullen

3 Keys to Making a Magnificent Move

I’ve learned it’s not the survival of the fittest…it’s the MOST ADAPTABLE who survives!

How do you choose what to take in a move? I learned to keep it simple.

There are 3 keys to making any big move and surviving with flying colors.

KEY 1)  Take only what will serve you in your next chapter. Marie Kondo has made a fortune inspiring people to choose that which sparks joy. Sometimes it’s best to let go and start fresh.

Remember you can take all the millions of memories with you.

KEY 2) Focus Forward! Don’t drive your life looking at the rearview mirror. Instead of looking at what you’re leaving or what you may miss, look ahead to all the possibilities and opportunities.

KEY 3) Know the outcome you have for your future. What would you love? How do you want the end result to be…or at the very least, the next phase? And who do you want to be in a fresh new space?

Cluttered spaces only give you a cluttered mind which only leads to cluttered ideas and results giving you chaos and confusion. Clear the deck for a brand new day!

I decided on my treasured antiques (I have 4) and the bare essentials to live.

It’s a clean slate and a brand new life in Montana….details following…stay tuned…

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‘Til next time ….Have a Huckleberry Day!!

Here’s to your Dynamic Life,