Celebrating Family and Opening My Home

September 1, 2021
September 1, 2021 Daryl McMullen

Celebrating Family and Opening My Home

I had traveled though 6 states to arrive at in Flathead Valley, MT. The unpacking happened. Furniture had been reassembled. Couches had been ordered. Everything I looked for was months out due to the lack in the supply chain. Now some decorating to make it feel like home. Not to mention I needed places for people to sit!! Bingo! I found some beautiful complimentary pieces at a consignment shop.

It had been snowy when I had purchased the house…my gosh there was nothing in the front in the way of plants. Not very welcoming. Luckily, I had discovered there was a Home Depot and Lowes plus the local Murdoch’s minutes away. Two cartloads later I was set to add some color to the entrance.

Then there was the reality that the cupboards were bare (really bare.) I had always moved from one place to the next and taken all the basics with me…this time…all those staples like spices (even salt and pepper) and staples (like mustard, ketchup and butter) were missing. I also had to get dishes and glasses, enough for everyone (more than just me), oh, and a brand new BBQ!

I had to move mirrors and hang pictures and re-situate some furniture to fill the space. No couches yet as they were still on order. Patio furniture still in the living room. I added décor for a first gathering. It was a baby shower for my son and daughter-in-love. The family and local friends began to arrive …beverages were distributed the grill was a hub of the guys’ banter as all the gals toured the new digs.

We gathered in a big circle to bless the food, the new home, and the new family member to come soon. My Montana home was officially open for happy new adventures…the next chapter in my Dynamic Life…AND!! Of course!!… After everyone all the friends and family had departed…my new sofas arrived! The patio furniture is now residing on the patio where it belongs!!

Remember what is important…As I have shared too often…what is the real outcome…in this case to do a few things to make my new house a home…make it welcome all who are there.

 3 things I did to make it welcome:

  • Sitting areas for everyone to gather (even if it meant patio furniture in the living room for now)
  • Add color to the entry to make it cheerful and put a smile on your face as you walk in
  • Plates, glasses, spices, the basics to start your next chapter and your Dynamic Life! Don’t forget the champagne glasses to have a toast to you!

If you would like help working toward your Dynamic Life – I would love to assist you in that journey: DynamicLife.com.

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