What if Life Was a White Board?

October 13, 2021
October 13, 2021 Daryl McMullen

What if Life Was a White Board?

What if you had a blank slate? What if all of life was laid out before you to make choices all over again? What is the story you would write? Think of the tens of thousands decisions you have made in a lifetime…and what if you could make them all over?

I was reminded of how a life unfolds when magically two weeks ago I was blessed with my 3rd grandchild (the 1st from my son).

A bundle of joy…peaceful, quiet, adorable. He fit like a little peanut in one of my arms. By the time he was 12 days old he already filled both of my arms. As grands we always say to our kids, “It goes so fast.” I found myself saying to me…wow…it really DOES go fast! He was named for my dad, “Stanley.” Always known as “Coach” and I thought, he has some big shoes to fill. That had me reflecting on his life that lay ahead of him.

I thought about all the friends he hasn’t met yet, and maybe a heartache or two? I thought about classes he will take in school and the life lessons that will happen even when he’s not looking. So many experiences to have and memories to make.

He reminded me that in fact we all have a future be it 100 years or only a few. In fact, all our futures are a blank slate.

Here are 3 things to ask as you look forward to yours:

  1. Anything is possible. What would you love to create, plan or venture into?
  2. Because you do have experience, what are some lessons you’ve learned along the way that as you move forward you could (should) implement?
  3. Look to your successes, even the tiny, small ones. What are some of them you could do more of? Don’t sell yourself short.

Decide…no matter how big or small your future might be…it is all YOURS!!!

Live it!

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