4 Powerful Personalities for Business

May 21, 2011
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May 21, 2011 Cynthia Freeman

I did a call on Powerful Personalities that was so full of content the response has been overwhelming. I gave details on how to use the knowing the ins and outs of personalities to improve…no not just improve but really get your desired results in every relationship in life.

You want a raise? You want a promotion? You want to be the ONE that is hired out of the 500 applicants? You want that man to pick YOU? You want to find the RIGHT one? And there was much, much more. We covered it all…

We also shared distinctions of how the personalities blend and the up side and downside of each of the personalities…let’s face it…not ALL of our traits are stellar. Do you understand all of your strengths? What are you doing to use them to enrich your relationships?

Specifically, I addressed how understanding who you are whether a Supporter, Expressive, a Director or an Analyst each make fantastic leaders. It is all in how you utilize your strengths and look realistically at your limitations and mitigate them. If you are a born director and just naturally take over when there is a need for leadership…that is great ….we need someone to make a decision and move the team, the group, the family ahead…but if your are just dictating and leading because someone handed you the title and are allowing your bossy,  directives  to  merely shout orders….you will find your team resenting you and undermining your objectives.

Or, your scenario might be something like you are a peacemaker. You are brilliant on getting everyone to agreement, getting them to the negotiating table to have the discussion. The challenge comes when you need to make a decision and pull the trigger to move into action. Can you do it or are you faced with the dilemma of not wanting to be on one side versus the other?

I shared examples on each of the personalities in the area of Leadership, Parenting, Business building, and Finding the Love of your Life!
One thing is for sure, it is so helpful to know who you are at your core and to know what to do to enlarge those strengths and to diminish the limitations.

Because this is so valuable and important I did something ridiculous…I offered everyone on the call a free 1:1 session to pinpoint the most prevalent traits and guide  them to their highest utilization.

Yes, you read that correct…AND I am offering it to you too! The value of this call was set at over $300 with the confidential assessment…but now, you can also have this gift session with me!

The value just went to a  REAL $500+…Any way, I want to talk to you personally and make sure you are looking for the RIGHT person, I want to insure that you’re leading with your most powerful self and I am committed to making sure that you are moving forward in your life creating it to be dynamic  and with your strengths not limitations.

Have a Dynamic Life and Make the 2d ½ the Best ½


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