3 Options with Consistent Intervals and Accountability That Builds Momentum with New Habits to Achieve Results.

  • 1:1 Coaching is a regular interval of coaching sessions – and is either a 6, 9 or 12 month commitment
  • The sessions are done via phone or internet conferencing and is 30-45 min each session
  • A client can expect to work on a wide variety of topics: from profession business building, to health and fitness targets of wearing the dress or pant size of their dreams, to relationships and finding the love of their life
  • The coach and client co-design plans for the results they want to achieve and track the progress
  • There is a “Hot Sheet Planner” and call prep form to track progress
  • The client will complete an extensive Intake Questionnaire which begins the coaching process
  • Included in all coaching is a Personality Profile and Evaluation
  • This assessment is often used to assist clients in elevating their communication skills with colleagues, family and team members
  • This program has consistency, and is focused on progress with results while building new habits that will maintain momentum and sustain the wins
  • The coaching is not a “cookie cutter” program where one size fits all, but instead is specific to each client
  • There are 3 versions of this the 1:1 coaching program:
    • 2x/month
    • 3x/month
    • More than 3x/month: This generally looks like 3 sessions and a “touch base” or laser coaching on a specific urgent issue that might have come up