Identify Your Leadership and Business Skills

May 10, 2011
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May 10, 2011 Cynthia Freeman

Watching the Mother’s on Sunday at church, at brunch, and walking along the Dana Point boardwalk, made me think of all their Powerful Personalities! Families gathered around those women, paying special attention to each one in someway. There were flowers, cards, balloons, corsages, and other gifts delivered with lots of smiles and hugs.

It occurred to me that most of the focus seemed to be on how all mothers were similar. They have changed diapers, soothed skinned knees, negotiated fights, taught the new math, taxied the ball team and made cupcakes the night before snack day.

What I became aware of this Mother’s Day was how each one has her style of doing it all differently.

I’ve been busy preparing for our Powerful Personality call and in doing so…I noticed how each of the predominant Personality types made their distinct appearance in these women. Each style has its strengths in parenting just as they do in Leadership, Sales, Relationships and Business.

Each and every Mother is spectacular at helping their children find their way into adulthood albeit differently. One is fantastic at cheerleading, supporting and encouraging and assisting their children in finding their creativity. Another is terrific at helping their children plan for college. 4 years in advance they have mapped the way through the AP classes and all the SAT practice courses. Then there is the parent that helps consistently with the art of diplomacy. They help their children to see all sides and to make peace in every setting. And then there is the parent who is busy giving lessons of the details of sorting laundry, following the specifics of a detailed recipe and completing the perfect science project.

Every one of these skills are found in moms (or dads) and others.

I can’t wait for Thursday’s call because we are going to identify your great parenting, leadership, spousal, and business skills. More important, we are going to help you adopt some of the others, navigate your way to them and help you integrate them.

All part of having a Dynamic Life!!