It’s That Time of Year! It’s BACK TO SCHOOL!

September 2, 2011
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September 2, 2011 Cynthia Freeman

Everywhere you look there are signs of the changing season. It’s Back to school SALES, Back to school bargains, Back to school lunches, Back to school supplies!

Funny, for so many of us…we have no one “going back to school” but we are in the habit of everything re-starting this time of year. Vacation is over …the summer schedule and loose rules are a thing of the past and we are steering our focus to renewed goals and finishing the year with a bang!

Or it’s possible that you DO have part of the family that have books and backpacks to buy, class schedules to confirm, and new outfits to shop for. In any event we are ‘programmed‘ to begin.

All this “BACK TO SCHOOL” got me thinking as I was revving up my life to renew and re-start my year and plan for the big finish of my 2011 goals. Where are all the places in life that need a recharge?…where do you need renewal? …where do you know that is time to infuse some additional knowledge, energy, vitality, LIFE!??

There are so many ways to begin…first, lets get clear about what it is you actually want. By the time we hit this time of year we are all over the map with the targets we set in January…and that’s if you even remember what they were! Do you? Have you made progress in each area? Is your business on track? After playing all summer, how’s your health and vitality? And have you given a thought to your relationship? What about the big goals you had about your new business/avocation you were going to set out and try? Or what about that course you were going to take? Or, what about the book that you were set to write?

Now, ask yourself, “What do I need to sharpen my skills in?”

“Where do I need to get back to basics?” “Where do I need to do research?” “Where do I need to learn the latest?”

All of us need to apply these questions to each of the critical areas of life. It is time for us to really take a peek and get honest about what we are going to do to finish the year of 2011 with a bang!

Think about what would happen in your relationship if you got back to what really works(basics). What if you learn some new skill and added it to your business? If you did some research on what is new and fresh out there to get involved with that would enhance your life or some area of focus in your life.

I’m hosting a teleconference called “Back to School” A Time to reset, restart and renew!

It’s for you and all your friends to explore new ways to juice up your love life, set your finances in order and make BIG money, tackle that sagging energy (and all the other sagging elements) of your life, and really find your purpose and get on it!

See you then! In the mean time ..Make the 2nd ½ the Best ½ !!

Life Dynamically

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