America! A Place of Possibility and Opportunity…Let’s Skip the Politics.

February 4, 2021
February 4, 2021 Cynthia Freeman

I just want to ask a super simple question…

What is America? To YOU!…

To me it is choice. It is opportunity. It is liberties and a real freedom to think as I wish and to DREAM what I can possibly dream. It means we all have opportunities to make something happen…

I could go on for volumes of the stories of people who have. My great, great grandparents came on a boat for the opportunity to own land, and build a thriving dairy farm. Nothing was handed to them except an opportunity. They worked hard and all their children helped to make it work.

My great grandparents moved west to California and became ranchers and oil workers. Again, the common thread was hard work. My paternal grandfather worked in the Standard Oil fields. My maternal grandfather built and worked on the lemon, orange and avocado ranches. My grandmother worked in the packing house.

Yes, they all worked hard but they also had the freedom to choose where and which direction they would go. Perhaps rather that bickering and fighting about all our differences, we might look at what we all have in common. We all have liberty, and the freedom to make our own choices.

I love reading the words of “America the Beautiful,” “God Bless America” and “America.”

Perhaps we should be reading the words again of “brotherhood” and “land of liberty” and “patriot’s dream.” Our forefathers did not agree on everything…but they did agree on pulling the cart the same direction….not apart. They agreed to disagree, and formed a country that was founded on possibility, opportunity and dreams.

Let’s agree to do the same….

Let’s jump into our Dynamic Life and dream big! Yes, it’s going to take some effort…but what we have in the end is something that we are free to call your own.