Another “Next Chapter”

March 25, 2021
March 25, 2021 Daryl McMullen

And I mentioned I have an added another New Chapter…. My New Program! DYNAMIC LIFE!

When I wrote the book, Power of Done, I knew I wanted to create a program to make it easy to implement the lessons and coaching I had written about. It is done! All the filming and writing and editing is now ready for launching! I can’t believe it! Another product of the Covid Pandemic! It’s been a productive year! I am so happy that everyone will be able to access the program and create the Dynamic Life they choose instead of taking what they get.

The program is called Dynamic Life. It is 46 days of tiny bite size chunks that helps you get rid of what stops you, get clear about what you really want, how to plan for what you choose and actually have time to make it all happen and more! I love that you will have margins in your schedule for moments to savor your life.

The Dynamic Life program explores my Dynamic Life Principles.

There are  7 Keys to a Dynamic Life:

  1. Relating
  2. Responding
  3. Releasing & Rejoicing
  4. Refocusing
  5. Roadmap to Results
  6. Reflecting
  7. Risks

It will be available soon at

I can’t wait to share these steps with you!

Stay tuned…and make yours a Dynamic Life!

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