5 Mistakes Keeping You From Your Dynamic Life

June 17, 2021 Daryl McMullen

Ordinarily I have a strict rule of focusing on what I want. I keep my nose pointed toward the direction I am aimed. But I realize it is also important to acknowledge what can get in the way or hold us back from having the magnificent life we dream of having. Today we are going to point these out and notice, are any of these keeping you from your Dynamic Life?

  1. We don’t build RELATIONSHIPS. You may be great at creating them but relationships to be lasting must we nurtured. They build over time. They take an investment and often some sacrifice on your part. Stop and write a note for no particular reason. When you see something that reminds you of them you email, text or better yet call and tell them you are thinking of them. Be creating and think of ways to build your relationships to make them life lasting.
  2. We don’t take RESPONSIBILITY. Without realizing it, it is easy to get into the blame game or playing defense. When we do this, we are playing the victim. If you are finding yourself telling your crazy stories of all the stuff happening TO you…you are rehearsing the victim role in the story. The unintended benefit (albeit unattractive) is that we get people to “hear” us, giving us the attention we want. We want to be the Victor of our story…not the Victim. Take a moment to assess yourself. What is the outcome you desire. How do you feel in that outcome? From that emotion what is your next thought? What would be your next best action? In this place of having it the way you want, what would you do? Say? Or how would you be different?
  3. We don’t have a ROADMAP or a Plan. We spend time doing what comes next. We have no clear objective or target of where we are going and as a result we are surprised when we land someplace we had no clue about. Those who are living a Dynamic Life have a Roadmap. They have clear Targets of every part of life. They are motivated to get to the outcome and they take the greatest actions first to make progress in a forward direction. Don’t worry if you have to change your course or that the targets change. Often you would never see the choice in the road if you hadn’t taken aim in that direction to start with.
  4. We don’t CELEBRATE our wins. We just plod along, tick the box and get to the next task. A Dynamic Life is all about cheering for ourselves and each other with any little win. This causes us to rehearse winning. The more we celebrate success the more success we will have because we are building that muscle. We are building a winning muscle. What is something you are glad you did, or didn’t do? Or that you might be proud of? Or just something that went right…jump up and do the “happy dance” right now!!
  5. We don’t take the NEXT STEPS. We get to the end of a year, or the finish of a project, or the goal weight and then…nothing. We are done. NOOOOO! What is next? It is critical to have a Dynamic Life we must have a compelling future? What do you have looking out at your future that is motivation you? What are you looking forward to? Where is your Dynamic Life headed next? Don’t worry if the path takes a turn…having a future that is exciting and compelling will drive you and keep you young.