Live Longer and Stronger – Part 3

June 10, 2021 Daryl McMullen

Continuing in the theme of integrating ideas that will help us to live longer and stronger I wanted to share some added ideas to our list of great ideas we have posted previously in Part 1 and Part 2.

A Dynamic Life is one that is lived fully. I am sure if you are planning to live to 90 or 100 or beyond your intention is to be more than merely alive! We want to live and be able to do those fun things that add fulfillment and memories to our life. To do so we must add today’s concepts to our life.

First, let’s conquer LONELINESS! Loneliness has been something that for those of us who have never confronted it has had real opportunities to be part of our life this past 15 months…and it is common for those in the second part of life who have lost partners and emptied their nest.

Here are a few tips prevent this and to keep it from entering your life:

  • Make a list of your closest friends and post it nearby (bath sink? Car dash?) Just remembering you have people in your life will make you smile
  • Make 10 minute calls periodically to friends to stay connected. Studies claim it reduces loneliness by 20%
  • Stay connected by sending cards, a gift or flowers.

Schedule a longer connection with one of your friends on a regular basis.

Our 2nd idea…No Dynamic Life can be realized if you are consumed with STRESS. SHAKE OFF STRESS!

Believe it or not clutter and messes can make you stressed (subconsciously, but still true). Select one drawer or shelf or box or closet to organize just one at a time. It will relieve pressure and reduce stress.

Take a break! Sit with closed eyes for just 5 minutes and allow yourself to just be motionless. Breathe with deep diaphragmatic breaths. Just moments of nothing can reduce your stress.

Take a FUN break. Take time to doodle, color, play with blocks , mazes, or a game. Give your brain a break from problem solving and allow stress to melt away.

3rd …Become more RESILIENT! Being able to flex, adapt and pivot we have learned, creates resiliency in our system and RESILIENT people live longer and stronger! Here are a few ideas to help you be more resilient:

  • Just 20 minutes in the tress will reduce stress hormones dramatically
  • Having “regrets” raises stress. Let’s plan to have “no regrets”
  • Make a list and schedule the things to want to experience and places you want to see. Plan for it. When you have a life you look forward to your stress disappears
  • Spend time journaling. Reflect with gratitude. Note all the choices you have made and this you HAVE done. What are you proud of?

Finally – areas to consider integrating into your life to in order to live longer and stronger:

  • SKIN CARE. I don’t need to mention this I am sure. But too much of a good thing can be bad. Use sunscreen SPF 30 and don’t forget your neck and hands!!
  • Think of the ENVIRONMENT. Go fragrance free and reduce your exposure to those plastics
  • Curtail your VICES. The obvious ones are drugs or alcohol. But what about TV, online shopping and those devices. They all increase stress and strain.

Whether you incorporate all the ideas we have shared in the 3-part series of Living Longer & Stronger just a few of the ideas, integrating these healthy ideas will certainly lead to you having a more Dynamic Life.