Getting Over Getting It Right

July 15, 2021
July 15, 2021 Daryl McMullen

3 Steps for Getting Over Getting It Right

Is there ever the perfect time when all the planets align, the cow has flown over the moon, the ducks are lined up and the butterflies are flying in formation??

NO!!!! Never…

And yet sometimes we find ourselves on the edge of doing something wonderful only to be stopped dead in our tracks by feelings or thoughts like: “I have to get it all together and organized first…then I’m ready; I can do it?”

As aware of this thinking as I am and as many times as I have coached clients out of this immobilizing thought process – I have just found myself in IT again! And I don’t like it…

There are 3 simple steps to get out of being stuck in “getting it right.”

  1. Draw a line in the sand! DECIDE you are moving forward and taking action! What do you want ultimately? And what is a key action you can take?
  2. Stop all the stories (EXCUSES). Schedule action immediately. If you can’t take action this moment, put it in your schedule for first thing in the morning when you are fresh and can think clearly.
  3. Start! BEGIN with the piece you love or are most interested in.

Here’s mine! I have been delaying getting this out to you all because I wasn’t sure how to start. I want to show you I am Living my Dynamic Life! (My Ultimate outcome) and now months later…I drew the line in the sand, took action, and am sharing the awesome story!

Another piece of my Dynamic Life!

Here we go….

I can’t believe it! I have been going to Mammoth Lakes all my life (that’s a lot of decades). It’s been my get away. Skiing in Winter/Spring and hiking in Summer/Fall. During a year + of lockdown, things changed. It was crowded and no longer a refuge. I spent several little exploratory trips to Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. I explored during the winter when I knew those places would not show their most romantic, perfect ‘faces.’ I knew what they looked like in the summer- time! Glorious! After following weather patterns for months I discovered Northwest Montana to be a place to consider.

Standing at the Mammoth house, shoveling snow after a dump of 10 feet and having 3 cars slide out “AGAIN” down the hill into my front yard. I put the house on the market. It sold in 3 days.

That meant I had to get serious about finding a replacement property somewhere! Trips to seriously house hunt. I took my daughter along to be the voice for the family… We traveled in January to Montana! 20 houses later…the last house we looked at, the one we found online the night before getting on the plane to leave…it had everything on the list, acreage, view, rooms for me, my studio, the family…all of them and the future generation. It even had  a storage room so I have a place for stuff…not in the garage!…

On April 15 Apple Lane became mine!

Please continue to stay tuned to my Dynamic Life story as I continue through the move, acclimating to a new community and all the other excitement that comes with transition and transformation.

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Wishing you a Dynamic Life,