Looking Through the Weird to See the Possibility

July 26, 2021
July 26, 2021 Cynthia Freeman

Looking Through the Weird to See the Possibility!!

Looking for months, zeroing in for days I found the perfect spot for myself and all my family. But I had to look past the lime green bath with navy blue lights, the entirely painted Barbie pink office, the blood red accent walls in the living and main bedrooms and shag carpet!

Ughhh! Ick! Really??

And then there was the master bath surprise, sinks with no bowls, the alien shower heads and the tub fill coming out of the ceiling! Yep, really!

But the views of the Flathead River, the Rocky Mountains and the Big Sky are sensational. There is a ‘park’ and long drive for the kids to play. There is a great room, a sitting room and a dining room. 20’ ceilings and levels where everyone could retreat when the day was done. Perfect for the next chapter.

Once again…as you have heard me ‘preach’ again and again…focus on the outcome. What did I really want and need for this next season? Location! Location! Location! Convenience and space and green and lifestyle.

What is your outcome? What do you really want?

You might have to look through some weird and see possibility…roll up your sleeves and throw on a coat of paint!

It’s time to step into your own Dynamic Life!

Thanks for joining me in mine.

Remember, if you need someone to hold your hand and just take tiny steps…check out DynamicLife.com I can help you do it simply and easily.

You won’t want to miss the next post…where I share the hilarious trip from California to Montana with the entire gang!!

Hope to see you soon!