Being Adaptable

August 5, 2021
August 5, 2021 Daryl McMullen

Being ADAPTABLE…My Next Chapter Continues…Solo…1350+ Miles From “Home”

I was excited! I had signed the documents and was handed the keys. Arriving at the house the reality of it all set in. I was alone! Solo in this huge endeavor. I had never been to the house by myself. I had been with my daughter and real estate agents and inspectors. The house had been furnished to the nth degree. Now I stood at the front door. 20-foot ceilings and 6300 sq. ft of an empty cavern! It was daunting. I took a big gulp and started measuring.

Ladies on the plane had been eager to recommend where to look for furniture. However, they had never looked after 15 months of lock down. I looked at every furniture store in the valley for sofas, a coffee table, chairs, utility shelves (who moves those??) Every sofa I found that could work had a sold sign on it. Even the bison head that would be fantastic on the 20 foot wall was sold!

I was so glad I had held on to my antique dining sets, armoire and chest. We could trailer them north (stay tuned for that excitement!!) I decided, if I had to wait 5 months to get sofas it would be just as easy to order them back in California. As I was departing for LA after closing on the house, I stopped at the last furniture store on the way to the airport. No sofas…no coffee tables…but they had a great patio set. With loveseat, sofa, and coffee table. Perfect for the middle of the living room…for now. They delivered it (Thank you Bitney’s) and the real estate agent Ben Van Helden was kind enough to receive it.

Darwin almost had it right…he thought it was the survival of the fittest? I am discovering it is survival of the most adaptable! Sometimes it means you have patio furniture in your living room!

A Dynamic Life is an adaptable life! It is squeezing the juice from life without being squeezed in the pressure. Please join me for helpful ways to enjoy your Dynamic Life at

And have fun laughing through my adventures in my next chapter. Til next time Cheers!