The Move IN With a Plan

August 19, 2021
August 19, 2021 Daryl McMullen

Unpacking. Assembling. Moving In.
Sometimes you must make a mess to move forward and make marvelous!

The 2 Trucks, 2 trailers, two kids, 2 grandkids and the dog (of course myself and my car bringing up the rear) arrived…and then where to begin? You all know me…I had a plan with an outcome.

We needed beds first; We needed kitchen stuff; I needed a coffeepot! We needed to put together the furniture that I wouldn’t be able to do on my own. I needed to locate the necessities. I had to put things where I would be able to find them after everyone had gone.

Having a rudimentary system on the front end helps. I number the boxes by the hundreds. And then list what’s in the box on a 3×5 card. The 100’s are kitchen items, 200’s are décor, 300’s are books, 400’s are clothing, etc. When the boxes are offloaded, they are delivered to the space they belong.

I also called in help…we have cousins not far away and they were willing to assist in the assembling of 6 beds, 6 antiques and lots of lifting and hoisting. (So grateful!) Knowing when you can use your resources is so smart. Remember, your greatest resource is your resourcefulness.

After beds were assembled and made and furniture was assembled and kitchen was unpacked and coffeepot found and plugged in we stopped to celebrate. The whole gang…10 of us…went out to Mother’s Day brunch and celebrated our success. We enjoyed sharing the funny moving stories and settled in to the next chapter.

3 steps to make the Move In simple and easy:

  1. Decide what your immediate outcome is. This is not the grand plan for what it will all look like when all the pictures are hung, and the rugs are down. What is a MUST? As you offload put the boxes and items I the space they belong. Begin with the Musts first
  2. Putting it all back together. Assemble the furniture in the place it will live. The space will begin to look and feel like it is your home. For heaven’s sake, use your resources…if there is someone that can help ask them! It is wonderful when the cousins you have seen so seldom can help you put things together and all the kids have an opportunity to make it a play date
  3. Make the Move In a celebration! Celebrate that you have turned the corner and made it!!! Whether is it Champagne, beer or sparkling water (all 3 in our case) toast your success

This is the beginning of the next chapter!! Have fun and enjoy this part of the journey.

These 3 steps are also true in life:

  • Decide on your outcome. Create a plan. Focus on the musts first
  • Sometimes you need to organize, categorize and assemble pieces of your life to have it move smoothly. Pick one category at a time. Just like the bedrooms, the furniture, the kitchen. Start with your health, critical relationships, finances. Assemble them to work for you (not as the you think the world wants.) Yes, it all like tasks take time and as my hero Art Berg said, “The impossible ones just take a little longer.”
  • Celebrate every opportunity you have. The big wins and the small wins. The birthdays anniversaries, and moving in

The most important thing is to celebrate your Dynamic Life often! Today might just be the first day of your next chapter…make it spectacular. Be sure to reach out if you would like to being your Dynamic Life journey. I would love to assist along the way:

Until next time,