Making New Friends

September 9, 2021
September 9, 2021 Daryl McMullen

Making New ‘Friends,’ Meeting Neighbors – My Gathering Place

“Casino,” “asobu,” “retrovo,” all of them mean the same…”Gathering place.”

A place where everyone wants to be, relax and live fully. My dream was to have a place friends and family new and old would want to come and play and allow themselves to live their Dynamic Life. Where there is a place of community.

The first ‘friends’ I met were all the ones that came with the land. A family of wild turkeys. I had three doe that walked through the back yard every morning as I had my morning coffee. I was panicked when one day there were only 2! What happened?! And then…here they came, a doe and her new wobbly legged spotted fawn. Down the street are a herd of bison. I have heard that we have a resident adolescent black bear and a daddy mountain lion. I haven’t had a personal meeting with either of them yet.

It has been wonderful to meet new friends in the Flathead (North West Montana). I have met new friends at the mailboxes, and at the road association meeting. When the power went out the well pump stopped, and I had the opportunity to meet three neighbors I share the pump with.

We have had happy hours at one another’s homes, gone hiking in our Lone Pine State Park (next to us) and even attended yoga class (my neighbor teaches).

I have met some amazing people from across the country as I went on a mission to try all the restaurants. Some of them will be life long Flathead Lake friends.

It has been wonderful to share my home with many longtime friends. What a joy to play tour guide to friends who have never traveled to Montana. They say, if you really want to learn something “teach” it! Touring the towns and National Parks in an area is a great way to learn it.

Tanya came from Texas, Julie and Mark visited from SoCal and Margaret flew in from New York. Each time it was a new adventure and it allowed me the opportunity to share my home that has plenty of room for all, and to see the glorious sights of the Northwest corner of this magnificent state. I can see why they call it the “Treasure State.”

3 Keys to Melt Into a New Community:

  • Join in the activities of the area. Markets, fairs, rodeos, concerts, yoga classes, gyms, local church activities, golf lessons
  • Introduce yourself to the neighbors and have an outdoor casual happy hour
  • Try out the restaurants…if you’re solo…have your meal at the bar…people are friendlier than you can imagine

The biggest thing is to decide you want to expand your community AND that you want to share your new chapter with those you love from the last chapter. The next chapter doesn’t mean you have lost what or who was in your previous life…bring them along and show them what’s great about what is next. You are enjoying a Dynamic Life…and your friends can too.

Here’s to what’s next: You can have a spectacular Dynamic Life:

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Oh….and P.S. As I was writing this blog….I went on my daily walk…and met my resident black bear!

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