Values That Carry Your Mission

November 19, 2021
November 19, 2021 Daryl McMullen

Values That Carry Your Mission

We spoke last time about our ‘mission.’ That it could be small or grand. No matter the size or what our passion is…there are times we get out of line and we find ourselves off the path that we truly want to be on. Today let’s look at what it takes to stay the course, remain consistent and achieve our mission.

Over the last 30+ years of helping clients reach their goals that lead them on the trail of their mission it has become obvious that there is one ingredient that must be present to successful be on your mission – your values! Values that are in alignment with your mission.

We all have values…simply answer the question, “What is most important to you?” You will have answers to that question in every area of your life. What’s most important in a relationship? Your family? Your work? Your health? Etc., Etc.

However, I have seen many times when we have things that are important to us that conflict with other things that are important to us. These conflicting values can often show up in family/career, health/career and so on.

Once you are clear about your mission, a very useful version of the question is this: “What needs to be most important to me for me to be true to my mission?”

Some samples of values for me to stay the path to deliver on my mission are:

Health and vitality | Love | Curiosity | Intelligence | Effectiveness
Energy | Focus | Family | Adventure | Gratitude

Ask yourself today: “What needs to be most important to you to achieve the mission you have in your life”?

When your values align with your mission you will find that the hurdles are easier to get over, and that there is flow and fulfillment in your life. This is a true sign of living a Dynamic Life.

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Until next time…wishing you life that is rich and full…and completely designed by you!