What’s Your Mission??

November 4, 2021
November 4, 2021 Daryl McMullen

What’s Your Mission??

When we are busy living our life, with work, kids, projects both work and home and keeping up with all our relationships – it’s almost impossible to think we have a mission. When we think about having a mission, we think of a country aimed at getting to the moon or Mars or we think of someone like Tony Robbins who has a mission to feed a billion people or Ghandi to free a nation.

After all these decades of coaching thousands of individuals here is what I know for sure…we all have a mission somewhere inside of us. What I also know is when people are clear on what their mission is – they thrive. They accomplish so much more. They make amazing things happen and they are rewarded both with acknowledgement and money.

It is all in how you define mission. The dictionary defines it as an important assignment carried out for a specific group (political/religious/business). I will shift this slightly to define it as an important objective driven by purpose that aligns with one’s values.

I also believe our mission can morph and change through the years as we are in different life stages. At one stage as I was raising my children, success meant raising two contributing, fulfilled global citizens (I’m proud that they both have supported themselves since they were 18. They are both university graduates with honors and busy with very successful careers. And, they are both now parents.

When I was a Real Estate agent for a decade and a half, I had a mission of negotiating the very best transactions that were a win for all parties.

And for the last 30 years I have been on a mission to inspire executives to live a full, inspiring Dynamic Life.

AS I reflect on this, I invite you to ask these questions:

In this season of life:

  • Who do you want to be in the world?
  • How would you love to deliver this?
  • Who are you focused on sharing this with?

To help you define your mission for this moment in time here are 3 keys to live your mission:

  • Stop and think: What do I want my life focused on right now? It could be global like bringing schools to areas that don’t have them, or it might be your family, or neighborhood or community. What sort of purpose or intent really lights you up? For me, it is about inspiring people to live their most fulfilled dynamic life. Whether it was with my children, my clients, participants at events or the world at large.
  • Start your day with the question, “What is one thing I can act on that is a reflection of my mission/purpose?”
  • Really think about who you can impact during this season of your life. Think whether this is the stage for children, or parents, or the company or the community or something even larger that would reach the world and beyond.

Living your true mission in life is a fantastic expression of living a Dynamic Life.

Please visit my blog at CynthiaFreeman.com  for more great ideas on living your Dynamic Life. I would also love to invite you to check out my program that walks you through 45 days to live a full Dynamic Life (DynamicLife.com), including how to get more hours in your day and really make big results happen with all the stress and busy-ness of getting caught in the weeds.

Next time we will dive into how to ensure your values are in line with your mission.

Until then, make yours a Dynamic Life.