How Will You Finish?

February 9, 2022
February 9, 2022 Daryl McMullen

How Will You Finish?

I’ve been raised on football. My dad played and then coached for most of his working career.

As a result, I am so excited when the season begins again in August…moves through all the games and gets to the NCAA playoffs and National Championship and then draws to a close for the Pros in the Superbowl Championship, now extended into February.

I also pay strict attention to how the season starts and then again as the teams go into playoffs…and of course the finish. The Championship!

Much like focusing in on a game – A team that starts the season big can have such momentum that it will carry them. But, as it has been proven time and again, how you play the second half, and specifically the final quarter, and then those final 2 minutes, can win the game.

We never know exactly when the 4th quarter will begin in our life. If my mom’s good friend, who lived past 100, is any indicator, I’m only in my 2nd half. But if you look at my parents, I’m actually (much to my dismay) headed into my 4th quarter. Never mind…

Most of us, if we’re given a choice, want to finish strong and big! Like in a ball game. You can create an entire game in the last quarter. Just Look at those NFL playoffs and the NFC/AFC championships!!

I ask many of my friends and clients, “What’s your big finish?” “How are you re-setting and creating the best game you have in the 2nd half, or 4th quarter?” What if this was your 2-minute warning? What can you do this year that will be amazing? Something that’s stunning.

Thinking of this made me get serious about being in touch and staying in touch with many of my lifetime friends (ones from grade school and High School). It also made me get serious about taking my life back…booking travel and other activities. I’m excited to be taking another bicycle trip, this time through Champagne and Alsace…A visit to NYC and Broadway shows as well as more hiking, rafting and exploring in Montana!

What’s your 2nd half, 4th quarter, or final 2 minutes got in it! Take your life back! Remember the entire game can become a big win in the last moments of this game called “Life!

Decide you will have a spectacular finish! That’s how you live a Dynamic Life…If you need some encouragement, support, ideas or just someone who is a whiteboard with no agenda…reach out! I’d love to help you design your Dynamic Life.

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No matter your method, let’s commit to living our life fully and Dynamically!

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