Life (and Business) Can Be Like a Rose Bush

February 17, 2022
February 17, 2022 Daryl McMullen

Life (and Business) Can Be Like a Rose Bush

It’s the middle of winter and my roses are still putting out blooms. They aren’t flourishing…but 2 or 3 flowers on each bush. Perhaps like your life? Are things moving along…they are “okay” but not flourishing? My horticultural expert has told me, if you want an abundance of beautiful floral blooms in the spring and summer you MUST prune the roses now.

In life your mentors and experts will tell you to attract more you need to niche. You need to narrow or “prune” your focus. When you do, you flourish into all sorts of different things.

I’ve seen in the experience of my clients and my own business the truth of this statement. “Try to be everything to everybody and you and up being nothing to no one.”

Another fun fact: When you prune your roses, you cut out the entire middle of the bush. It is as though you are forming a bowl. This gives your rose the chance to fill that bowl with blooms in the springtime. The rose experts advise you, “Take out everything that is cross purposes.” Remove anything that might crowd out your blooms.

In life it’s the same. Cut out the activities that are at cross purposes of what you really want. Remove those distractions that are not adding value to what you dream to accomplish.

Of course, in the activity of pruning, there are thorns. Try as you might to protect yourself with gloves or whatever they still try to grab ahold of you. We have all had “thorns” that have interrupted our progress…

And there is the waiting…the doing it…sticking to it…the patience piece comes into play. When all you do is water and fertilize watch and wait. Stay the course…remain consistent.

Low and behold green, fresh branches begin to emerge. You think, where would there have been a place for them had you not made a clearing?

Next, leaves begin to spring out, followed by tight colorful buds. One day you wake up, look out and your rose bush is full of bright pink, red, yellow and orange flourishing blooms. The fragrance is indescribable (I wish Elon Musk could figure out how to get fragrance to come through the internet).

When you set your targets, stick to your plan, cut out the things that obstruct your progress your life will be as you design it!

Today think about what you want…what is in the way…what you need to do that will take you to the finish…stay consistent and enjoy your prosperous bloom.

Keep focused on your dream and living your Dynamic Life!