Consistency Pays!

March 2, 2022
March 2, 2022 Daryl McMullen

Consistency Pays!

After reconnecting with my junior high best friend (Thank you FB), I learned she was in the battle of her life. The reason she was missing from our long-awaited high school reunion was a recent diagnosis of pancreatic cancer! OMG!

Instead of sharing spirited cocktails with all the gals she was having chemo cocktails. (Not the same!) The amazing thing is that this “Warrior Princess,” named by her friends, has now (since the October discovery) posted a blog DAILY about her journey. Daily!! Really!! She finds beautiful pictures, happenings, books and past recollections to share. She always has something worth reading to write about.

I use her as an example because it makes me think about things that have worked in my life – and these things always involve consistency. And when I reflect on the things that haven’t turned out so well…my activities in those areas were sporadic.

Another lifetime ago, I was a real estate agent. When I started, no one told me how to do real estate – only how to pass the test. But this information had nothing to do with being in the business – and it was information I promptly forgot. So I took business as it came. I was later told that with this attitude – it would be a ‘hobby’ and not a ‘business.’

A few years into my career, I learned how to do the business…and if I wanted ‘cashflow’ not ‘cash spurts’ I needed to prospect. I did that…once in a while…and you can guess the results. But when I did it daily on a schedule, 5 days a week from 8:30am -11:30am…amazing things happened…business seemed to come from everywhere! I really did have predictable cashflow! Consistency pays.

You may have tried diets or weight loss programs or fitness regimens (join the gym in Jan and by March you’re done). Any of these will work if you stick with it…if you are consistent.

I think of my dear friend writing her blog…finding hundreds of great things to focus on. She is reading and learning and camping and living! She is such the example of what I call a Dynamic Life!!

What are the goals (or resolutions) you set for 2022? What are the actions you said you would take to achieve them? What are you up to? Are you in the midst of a ‘hobby’ or a ‘business’? Taking my own advice…I have booked travel to Italy and France and rafting in Montana. And who knows what else will show up. I have also walked my 3-4 miles daily and booked time with my friends regularly.

And there is a caveat…You can have all the consistency in the world…doing an activity daily or weekly, but if it is not taking you in the direction of your dreams…it’s time to disembark and exit the train. I have asked you before…what do you want? What is the key thing that will take you there? Take that action and make it your practice…a habit.

Create consistency in whatever it is you dream…because consistency pays! Consistency is a key component of a Dynamic Life!

If you’re interested in creating more consistency in your life…reach out…I’d love to help.

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Either way…Have fun and enjoy your Dynamic Life!